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Rack Armour Upright Protector

Rack Armour Upright Protector

A proven cost savings of up to 80% in the world’s largest retail companies,


Our protector is an attractive proposition for any warehouse with pallet racking.
Colour/Detection: The colour creates a focal point for drivers of mechanical handling equipment and makes them aware of their safe working limitations.
Tough Shell: The outer shell is made from resilient and hard wearing plastic designed to take high velocity impacts.
Impact Diffusing Interior: Something that sets this product apart from its competition is its closed cell foam interior. Acting as a cushion between the racking and the plastic shell, the specialist foam diffuses impact energy and diverts the kinetic energy away from the racking.
Easy installation: Thanks to its unique shape, the guard can easily be installed by hand on any racking type.
Zero floor damage: Rack Armour requires no fixtures or fittings, it simply clips onto your upright giving you peace of mind that your floor and racking is in good hands. Metal systems are drilled to the concrete and in turn takes the brunt of impact the guard takes, the impact energy disperses to the floor and the fixings. This often leaves the floor crumbling and weak.

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Dimensions 600 mm