About us

About Us

Our Story
Since our inception in 2005 One Touch Solutions has aspired to improve the overall logistics processes of our customers by deeply understanding their unique operational needs.

Over the years we have acquired the most reputable international agencies to who we are the proud and exclusive distributors for in South Africa/Africa. Allowing us to position ourselves as a total logistics solutions provider for almost any and all industries and sectors, in any part of its operations – from manufacturers to distributors and retailers alike – effectively covering all material handling equipment requirements like load carriers, warehouse safety equipment, bumpers & barriers, electric tugs and visual management, etc.

Together with our partners we have collectively acquired over 250 years of experience, giving our clients peace of mind by knowing they are in the right hands.

We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products and services, and to do this we make sure to work closely with our suppliers to ensure this value is reflected and adhered to at all times. Additionally, all our products are hand-selected by us to assure they meet or exceed international standards.

This means you don’t have to worry about the quality and performance of a product because we have especially curated the best product for you. We have made it our mission to continuously redevelop who we are and what we offer in pursuit of maintaining our reputation of being the leading experts and suppliers of logistics handling equipment in South Africa.

Our Vision

To enhance the lives & experiences of our customers, by providing quality products & services, while ensuring that our customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. To work with our business partners in sustainable relationships, contribution positively to local communities.

To ensure market leading quality and value by constantly innovation and optimising our efficient processes, driven by people and technology.

Our Values


We invest time and insight to get to the heart of our clients’ challenges, every time.

We are open and transparent in the way we work.


We aspire to build relationships – everything we do is with the longterm in mind.

Our dedication to quality and performance is the cornerstone of our success – and it stays our fundamental priority.


We are constantly developing better ways of working with our clients and partners.

I we find a better way of working, we act upon it and actively share it.

Our Patrons
Over the years we have successfully built and maintained prosperous relationships with some of the biggest brands in South Africa, by continuing to develop and implement innovative handling processes and providing world-class material handling equipment, software, services and superior quality products unsurpassed by our competitors.

We have partnered with the most renowned companies, known internationally as leading experts in their logistical fields. Giving us a large portfolio to service our clients through their entire supply chain journey from technical services, load carriers, warehouse safety, bumpers and barriers, electric tugs, to organising their internal processes.

Being a colleague to our clients instead of a commodity supplier is a key contributor to our success in South Africa as well as Africa and with our partners networks, globally.
In Association with
One Touch Solutions is proud to be the exclusive distributor in Africa for the most reputable international brands known for their manufacturing of world-class material handling equipment and logistics processes.

Each of our principles are leading experts in their fields, their products and services reach far and wide to almost any industry from retail, automotive, FMCG to postal and industrial logistics. From superior products, services and cutting edge technologies like Track & Trace, Load Carries, Bumpers & Barriers, to Push & Pull assistants and Visual Management.

By partnering with these agencies we are able to provide a total package of logistics solutions through the entire supply chain – from start to finish. Making us the partner of choice for companies who want to learn how to be more efficient and for the most seasonal companies looking for new and continuous ways to optimise their supply chain.

Staying true to our values we have built our business model on is a fundamental priority, and we are proud to be associated with agencies that we believe embodies our virtues in their everyday of conducting business.

Each and every product or service we offer are intelligently designed and engineered, making every product or service a guaranteed best quality and fit for use.

Since – 2005

Being our first agency, One Touch Solutions were excited to represent K-Hartwall and their extensive range of Load Carriers on the African Content.

As a Finish company, K-Hartwall has proven to be a powerhouse of innovative technologies, not only have they designed and produced superior quality products, they played a crucial role in re-engineering material handling equipment and how we use it until this day.

Since – 2007

With our second agency, Movexx – we were excited about our representation of their wide range of Electric Tugs in the African Content.

As a Dutch company, Movexx precedes its reputation of being the best Electric Tugs manufacturer globally. From Push & Pull Assistants to AGV’s, Movexx products are versatile machines used in almost every industry and sector. Their ingenious designs has made them a trusted household name.

Since – 2009

Our third agency, Cordes and Variofit® has been in the manufacturing industry for many years, and we are excited to offer a wide range of their products in the African Continent.

As German brands, Cordes specialises in manufacturing of large material handling equipment such as their infamous FurniBox® range. Where as Variofit® specialises in smaller Load Carriers like our specially designed One Touch Modular Pick and Replen Trolleys.

Both of these brands are globally recognised and praised for their superior quality products and designs. With both brands we are able to design custom units, depending on need and volume.

Since – 2005

With our fourth agency – We are excited to be the exclusive distributor for Rack Armour in the African Continent.

As an English company, Rack Armour is by far the most well known and trusted brand when it comes to warehouse safety with Bumpers & Barriers, a superior quality product who speaks for itself.

Their intelligently designed Bumper & Barrier range has little to no competition when it comes to quality and performance.

Since – 2007

With our fifth agency – Known for their unsurpassed superior quality products, we couldn’t be more proud of our partnership to represent ORGATEX in the African Continent.

As a German company, ORGATEX has undoubtably exceeded all expectations when it comes to the quality and performance of their exhaustive range of lean systems and organising products. Unlike any product available on the market, ORGATEX offers the full suite when it comes to lean tools and organising for any company to optimise their internal processes.

One Touch Solutions is proud to offer the full ORGATEX range.

HCJ South Africa

Since – 2012

With our sixth agency – Known for their revolutionary solutions. We are honoured partner and represent Hengelhoef Concrete Joints in the African Continent.

As a Belgium company, HCJ specialises in the development and production of expansion joints for industrial floors. Creating a framework of optimal conditions for further growth and development. As a result of this new structure and mission, HCJ have created revolutionary solutions in existing dilatation problems.

Please contact us for any enquiries regarding our partners or related products.