We integrate logistics functions into our client’s end-to-end supply chain in order to reduce their time-to-market which allows for an improvement in customer service, increase in sales, reduce inventory, shorten delivery time, and lower overall handling costs manufacturing, distribution and transportation.

Product Range

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  •  Bumpers & Upright Protectors
  •  Smartcube
  •  Dollys
  •  Trolleys
  •  Merchandise Units
  •  Rollcotainers

Rack Protector

No fixing required Fit frames from 85mm to 100mm – special large orders possible for larger and smaller frames

  • Made from Ballistics Grade Plastic
  • No fixings required
  • High visibility colour as standard

Bakery Dolly

The Bakery Dolly simplifies your supply chain and reduces the manual workload.

Thanks to the patented stacking system, the dolly stacks can be transported without further strapping and without any risk of tilting – regardless of the wheel position as the dollies lock during stacking.

  • Fast Replenishment
  • Ready To Sell
  • Easy branding and marking