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About One Touch Solutions

Since its inception One Touch Solutions has provided innovative logistics infrastructure and systems to our clients to simplify and streamline their supply chain.

We have built and maintained prosperous relationships with our clients by continuing to develop and implement innovative handling processes by providing world-class Material Handling Equipment, software and superior quality products to our clients.

The materials used in the manufacturing of our products vary based on each individual product and dependant on the industry it would be used in and our client’s needs.


Historic Value

Together with our international partners we have more than 200 years of combined experience in material handling equipment. Over the years we have adapted our solutions and products in line with internationally recognised standards to give our clients the most efficient handling processes.

We have constantly redefined who we are and what we offer in pursuit of becoming leading experts and suppliers of logistics handling equipment in South Africa. Our innovative solutions and cutting edge services make us the partner of choice for efficient and cost effective logistics services. At One Touch we understand that our clients have unique logistics needs that are a distinct as they are. We provide customized, tailor made services and solutions are specifically designed to cater to each client’s needs.