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What We Offer

Total Solutions Provider

A wide variety of products to service nearly all industries in any part of its operations.

Superior Products

We provide only the best breed material handling equipment and world-class ~ logistics systems.


We’re not just a commodity supplier, we’re a lifetime partner.
We work with our clients from implementation, value added services, to maintenance – the whole suite.


Since our inception in 2005 One Touch Solutions has aspired to improve the overall logistics processes of our customers by deeply understanding their unique operational needs. 

Over the years we have acquired the most reputable international agencies to who we are the proud and exclusive distributors for in South Africa/Africa. Allowing us to position ourselves as a total logistics solutions provider for almost any and all industries and sectors, in any part of its operations – from manufacturers to distributors and retailers alike – effectively covering all material handling equipment requirements like load carriers, warehouse safety equipment, bumpers & barriers, electric tugs and visual management, etc.

Together with our partners we have collectively acquired over 250 years of experience, giving our clients peace of mind by knowing they are in the right hands. 

We take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products and services, and to do this we make sure to work closely with our suppliers to ensure this value is reflected and adhered to at all times. Additionally, all our products are hand-selected by us to assure they meet or exceed international standards. This means you don’t have to worry about the quality and performance of a product because we have especially curated the best product for you.

We have made it our mission to continuously redevelop who we are and what we offer in pursuit of maintaining our reputation of being the leading experts and suppliers of logistics handling equipment in South Africa.

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We invest time and insight to get to the heart of our clients’ challenges, every time.

We are open and transparent in the way we work.



We aspire to build relationships – everything we do is with the longterm in mind.

Our dedication to quality and performance is the cornerstone of our success – and it stays our fundamental priority.


We are constantly developing better ways of working with our clients and partners.

I we find a better way of working, we act upon it and actively share it.